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Welcome to XoloD!

About XoloD
This Xoloitzquintle database, in short XoloD, was set up in june 2010. The goal: to provide easier access to information of Xolo's for breeders and (future) owners worldwide, with as much useful information possible.
Here you can find pedigrees of Xolo's from all over the world, pictures and also healthtest results.

Add your Xoloitzquintle
For adding and updating dogs you'll need to create your own account but that is about how far we'll go. This database is for the Xolo community and we hope you will make it a wonderful and honest tool.
The team will be monitoring behind the scenes and is available for assistence and answers to any question you have regarding XoloD. [ How to use XoloD ].

Not all Xolo owners are happy to have their name listed in this database. Please be considered if you add or update other persons information or their dogs. Ask permission first to have the personal information listed in this database.
Thank you for being considered to non-users.

Health results
It is possible to have test results listed on XoloD, which will be projected at the dogs own page and in the pedigrees. This way it should be easier to track health problems in the breed, a powerful tool for breeders, for now and for in the future as well.

All dogs that are listed as being health tested will be recognized by this sign. [ Health section ].

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